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A Year of Winter that Ends with Christmas

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Narnia club

Erin.Lane Bags is proud to be teaming up with Holiday Yarns to bring you a special year-long knitting trip through a beloved and cherished story.

Any fan of C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe will know that the many characters in the book are what make the story so special. The four Pevensie children, Mr. Tumnus, Father Christmas, Aslan, and even the White Witch are all complex and vitally important aspects of the story.

That’s why we’ve decided to bring you a special club that celebrates and highlights the characters who make the story so beloved.

Throughout the year, you will get six projects, one every other month, that is themed to represent a character from the book. Each project will be different, with the item you are making and the color of the yarn saying something special about that project’s character.

Included in each project is the pattern, enough yarn to complete the project, and an exclusive Erin.Lane Bag, featuring specially designed fabric just for the club, for you to work out of and store your project.

The characters we have chosen for the six projects are below along with what item each of their respective projects create.

Peter – Hat

Susan – Cowl

Edmund – Socks

Lucy – Fingerless Mitts

Mr. Tumnus – Scarf

Aslan – Cowl

Also, just for signing up, we will send you a bonus mini-project that represents Father Christmas finally managing to break through as Aslan’s return heralds the waning of the White Witch’s powers.

Additionally, we have a bonus project that you can add on to your club, a shawl that represents the White Witch, she who would be queen.

We’re very excited to have you join us in A Year of Winter That Ends With Christmas.


Here is a summary of the important details:

Cost of the Club -                              $32/month over 12 months

Cost with White Witch Add-On -       $36/month over 12 months

What you get -     

  • 6 Project Kits from Holiday Yarn (Each kit includes pattern and yarn)
  • 6 Erin.Lane Project Bags (fabric designed by Erin.Lane to match the project)
  • 1 Bonus Mini-Project (includes pattern and yarn)

White Witch

          Add-On -     1 Special Edition Project Kit from Holiday Yarns

Sign Up Deadline -         December 15, 2015

Months of Project Delivery -     January, March, May, July, September, and November