The Erin.Lane Custom Shop is here!

The Erin.Lane Custom Shop allows us to offer a personalized service to our customers that provides the opportunity to order many of our most popular items in the fabrics chosen and provided by the customer.

Have you ever wanted one of our project bags or totes in a fabric that you saw elsewhere, or perhaps a licensed fabric that we just cannot provide? Well, now is your chance to get that item you have always wanted.

 How does the Custom Shop work?

The best part about the Custom Shop is that through only a few simple to follow steps, you can order your custom item(s) and receive them in the mail.

  1. Fill out the Erin.Lane Custom Shop Order Form (Below)
  2. Get your fabric(s) together, paying attention to how much fabric for each item you need.
  3. Mail the custom fabric to Erin.Lane Bags (address provided below and on order confirmation email) and email the Tracking Number to !!Make sure to note which fabrics are intended for which items, as well as which is main and accent!!
  4. Receive your items in the mail!*

*Lead time for Custom Shop orders is 2-4 weeks from receipt of fabric from customer.

    How Much Fabric Do I Send?

    Below is a chart for how many yards (or partial yards) of fabric that you will need to mail in for us to be able to make your Custom Shop item(s).  Fabric must be quilting cotton. Standard is 45 inches wide.  We will not work with anything other than cotton. (Our machines are tooled specifically for this weight and grain.)

    If you need help finding the fabric(s) that would like to use for your custom order, we recommend the following websites:  

    **Exception to Spoonflower fabric: it must be washed and pressed BEFORE it comes to us.  If you do not wash and press the fabric before it comes to us there is a $15 up charge to wash the fabric.  (This is necessary because of the dye process used.  It leaves a chemical on the fabric that has to be washed out). Choose either the Basic Cotton Ultra or the Kona Cotton for your print. 

    Please Note: If we have not received notification (Tracking Number) that your fabric has shipped within fifteen (15) days of your order being placed, we will cancel your order and refund the purchase amount. You will then have to resubmit your order should you still want the items. 


     Small Project Bag

    1/2 yard

    Large Project Bag

    1/2 yard

    Sock project bag

    1/3 yard

    Two-fer Project Bag

    1/2 yard each of two fabrics (main and accent)


    1 yard each of two fabrics (main and accent)

    Barrel Tote

    1 yard each of two fabrics (main and accent)

    Bucket 1/2 yard each of two frabics (main and accent)
    Zippity Do Da

    1/2 yard each of two fabrics (main and accent)

    Zippity TWO Da

    1/2 yard each of two fabrics (main and accent)


    Mail Fabric(s) To:

    Erin.Lane Bags Custom

    1431 Antebellum Drive

    Murfreesboro, TN 37128


      *Lead time for Custom Shop orders is 2-4 weeks from receipt of fabric from customer.


      All prices include Shipping. 

      International Customers (Not in US) - There will be an additional shipping charge based on the size of your order, which will be billed separately when your order is ready to ship. 

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      Custom Shop FAQ

      1. Why do items in the Custom Shop cost more?

      Production usually happens in an assembly line manner. Due to the nature of producing a one-off product, extra time is required to produce just a single item. Also, all prices include the cost of shipping the finished item to you. 

      2. Do I get to pick the ribbon color?

      No. We will match the ribbon color that is used on a case by case basis. 

      3. Do I get my fabric scraps back?

      No. Due to our production process, sorting and returning scraps is not possible.  All of our scraps are donated to our local quilting guild to make charity quilts.  These quilts go to displaced families, domestic abuse survivors, wounded soldiers, and other local charities.

      4.  Do I get Hank Stash points for my custom order?

      YES! We just have to enter them manually. We will do this when your order is complete.

      5. Can I use a Hank's Bank Coupon code on my custom order?

      Not right now.  Our system for the custom shop is separate from Hank's Bank. (That's why we have to enter your points manually).  So it won't take one of the coupons codes either.  We are working on it, but it might take us a little bit to find the right fit.