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Indie Yarn Carnival

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Indie Club

Have you ever wished that you could make it to a fiber festival, but you missed it and all of the amazing yarn that was there?

We know your pain, and we have thought of a way to help.

Welcome to Erin.Lane Bag’s 2016 Indie Yarn Carnival!

Here at the Indie Yarn Carnival, we’ve assembled a cavalcade of project kits from indie yarn dyers from around the country. It’s more than likely that you’ve missed one or more of these dyers in your travels, and some are likely favorites of yours.

Whether you’ve heard of all of none of the indie dyers we’ve assembled for this club, you’re sure to enjoy what we have in store.

Each subscription pays for six complete indie yarn kits, including pattern and yarn, and an exclusive Erin.Lane Project Bag made specifically for that project’s creation and storage.

Here are the great indie dyers that we’ve lined up for the Carnival:

December – Buffalo Wool Company

February – Lydia Yarns

April – Knit Circus

June – Must Stash

August – Miss Babs Yarns

October – Miss Crosby Likes to Play

Get your ticket to the show, sit back, and enjoy the year as the Indie Yarn Carnival comes to you!


Here’s the summary of the important details:

Cost of the Club - $35/month over 12 months

What you get -     

  • 6 Project Kits (Each kit includes pattern and yarn)
  • 6 Exclusive Erin.Lane Project Bags

 Sign Up Deadline -         December 1, 2015

 Months of Project Delivery -     December, February, April, June, August, and October