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Our Promise

We pride ourselves on the fact that handmade is important, and we want you to find the right storage solution for you.  We want you to love your product.  If there is a problem, or if it is not working for you.  Please contact us so we can figure out the best way to fix the problem.  

We will accept returns or exchanges as long as the item is undamaged and pet dander free.  (This is only to ensure that someone else can enjoy the item if you decide to part with it.)

If there is ever a point where something goes wrong, a drawstring breaks, a magnet slips loose, a pocket comes unstitched, please let us know, and we will be happy to fix the problem and mail it back to you.  Please know that we will fix it as quickly as possible, but with traveling for shows, it might take a couple of weeks to get the item back to you.   

If there is ever any question you have please do not hesitate to drop us a line.  You can email us at