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Hank is very committed to helping you stay organized.  Due to this, he has created Hank's Bank.  This is just our way of saying thank you.  For each dollar you spend you will earn 10 stash points.  (See building stash is helpful.) 

Building stash is easy.  

  • Create an account!- You get a 200 stash point bonus for signing up.
  • SHOP!-- You receive 10 stash points for every dollar you spend.
  • Write a review!-- (coming soon) Review a product and receive stash points
  • Win!- When we run contests, you can cash in!  Make sure to follow us on Facebook for chances to win.
  • Refer a friend-- Do you know someone who suffers from CDOS (Craft Disorganization Syndrome)?  Do a good deed and tell them about Erin.Lane and get points towards rewards! (One good turn deserves another)

Then you can use your stash to get goodies! (See, I told you stash was a good thing.)

  • $5 off your order ($25 or more) -- 500 points
  • $10 off your order ($50 or more) --1000 points
  • $15 off your order ($75 or more) --2000 points
  • $20 off your order ($100 or more) -- 5000 points
  • $50 off your order ($200 or more) -- 10000 points

Can't wait to start earning?  Just create an account, and let the good times roll!