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Take Care

Because we know that isn't always neat and tidy, we believe that you should have protected yarn and needles.  Your bag should be washable because sometimes your yarn isn't. 

So how do you keep your bags looking new?  Very easy. 

  1. Empty your item
  2. Put it in your washing machine
  3. Use the delicate cycle and your favorite detergent
  4. Turn on the washing machine. 
  5. When it is done, reshape your item, and let it air dry. (You can iron it if you want, but it is not necessary.)
  6. TA-DA!

I will warn you that because we use magnets, if you wash your KnitPack, please be aware that it will stick to one part of your washer drum.  You will have to pry it out of there, but it will be fine.