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Who's Hank

Meet Hank. 
 He's kind of a big deal around Erin.Lane. Hank became a part of the Erin.Lane family while Lindsey and David were on their way home from visiting family in Kansas.  He quickly became a well loved pet in the house. He is a skein of Pagewood Farms yarn, but to us, he is the guy who makes sure everything is yarn safe. 
Hank started a very important movement to protect yarn from the dreaded perils of being stored in plastic bags. He feels that it is important to make sure that all yarn is well stored and protected as well as every needle, hook, notion, and gadget needed for the fiber hobby.  
He has helped us developed all of our products and all of our products have to pass his approval before they can be produced.  
I will tell you he is a rigorous product tester.  He is also now working on curing the world of CDOS (Craft Disorganization Syndrome).  So don't be surprised if you find him online as Dr. Hank.  He's always busy, but he is working on helping people online as well as at our trade shows
He also really appreciates people who are committed to ethical and good storage, so he has developed a rewards program to make it even easier for you to keep storing your yarn safely. So he set up Hank's Bank as a reward for getting and staying organized.  (Make sure to check out Hank's Bank to sign up.)
If you are ever around and see Erin.Lane at a trade show, make sure to stop by the booth and meet Hank in person.  He loves having his picture taken.