Color Me Sheeple

$ 16.00

These bags will ship on Wednesday of next week if you order them with the markers.  We wanted to offer them with all the bags, but we couldn't get enough. So markers are optional.  Please just note that the markers won't be in until the 29th, so we can't ship them until then.  
2016 has seen Sheeple of all kinds grace our organizational items. Each regional Stitches event has seen a new set of local Sheeple in attendance, sharing what makes their little spot of the country so great. 
For the 2016 holiday, our favorites from among all the regional Sheeple have returned in a unique way: They want you to give them color and personality!
The Color Me Sheeple bags are available only for the 2016 holiday season and come in your choice of three sizes, along with the option, in very limited numbers, to buy them with a set of fabric markers included!
Make those Sheeple who you think they should be and get a Color Me Sheeple bag for yourself and one for a friend!