Sew, You Knit, Huh? Club

$ 33.00


Being part of an exclusive club is fun, isn't it? As knitters, that kind of what it feels like anyway. People on the street ask many of us, "Are you knitting?" Most of us manage not to say that first, snarky thing that comes into our minds and manage to tone it down, even if just a bit. 

Erin.Lane Bags has revitalized last year's Indie Yarn Carnival into something that reflects the daily struggle that we all share: Knitting in public with fabulous yarn, and organizing that already amazing project in a project bag of equally epic proportion. 
"Sew You Knit, Huh?" is the reborn club that teams up Erin.Lane Bags with indie yarn dyers from all over the country, providing you with exclusive colorways and project gags, along with a great patter to make your yarn shine.
This year's indie dyer line-up includes: Twisted Owl Fiber Studio, Destination Yarns, Safronie, Miss Babs, Gynx Yarns, and Canon Hand Dyes.  These Indie Yarn dyers are excited to be delivering exclusive colorways just for you and they're making these skeins extra special.

The club includes six boxes, sent to you throughout the year, and a convenient 12 month payment plan that helps budget the cost. 


Join us in 2017 as we walk out into public with our bearutiful project bags exquisite  yarns and proudly answer, "Nope, I'm baking a cake!" whenever we are asked if we're knitting in public.

Here’s the summary of the important details:

Cost of the Club - $30/month over 12 months

(You will see a charge every month, but you receive shipments every other month.  We have found this is easier to keep up with for bookkeeping purposes.)

What you get -      6 Project Kits (Each kit includes pattern and yarn)

                             6 Exclusive Erin.Lane Project Bags

 Sign Up Deadline -         December 10, 2016

 Months of Project Delivery -     December, February, April, June, August, and October

Have you ever wished that you could make it to a fiber festival, but you missed it and all of the amazing yarn that was there?

 We know your pain, and we have thought of a way to help.

 Here are the great indie dyers that we’ve lined up for the club:

December – Fairy Tales by Safronie 

February – Destination Yarns

April – Twisted Owl Fiber Studio

June – Cannon Hand Dyes

August – Miss Babs Yarns

October – Gynx Yarn