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Large Project Bag

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Our drawstring project bag is one of a kind.  Erin.Lane set out to fix the fiber enthusiasts’ transportation problems, and this 15 x 15” drawstring is IT!

This thoughtfully engineered bag is the only self-locking project bag on the market.  It does not come open until you pull it open.  Also, it is fully lined to ensure that your knitting needles and knitting projects stay safely inside: undamaged and untangled.

We are knitters at Erin.Lane, and we know we don’t want any of our needles poking through a bag.  We also know the horror of finding a project stuck or tangled in another project.  This roomy project bag measures a cozy 15 x 15 inches and accommodates requests to carry sweater, vest and larger projects.  Handy for storing stash in as well or a an entire planned project for later. 

Like always, this drawstring bag is 100% machine washable because we know that life happens.