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Sheeple Bucket

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This cute bag is deceptively roomy.  With an 8 X 8 inch square bottom, it has plenty of room for projects of every size.    This tote is designed to stand up on its own, and has an internal thread guide to ensure that your yarn doesn’t jump out of the bag or get tangled while you are knitting along. 

Measuring 11 inches tall, this “bucket” is a great way to take your knitting from beside your couch to your favorite knitting store or group without having to pack and unpack your project.

Designed with the knitter in mind, this tote also has a pocket to hold your necessary notions on the back without having to search for your goodies. 

As if this wasn’t enough, if your bag gets dirty or needs to be cleaned, just stick it in your washing machine and hang it up to dry.  Face it, life is messy, sometimes you need to clean it up.