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Sheeple KnitPack Convertible

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The convertible case measures a neat 10 X 6 when closed.  Inside you will find things designed specifically for your Signature Convertible needles.  The exclusive Erin.Lane bubble pocket at the bottom of the pack is designed to hold your convertible tips no matter the stalk length.  Whether you knit with 4 inch stalks or 6 inch stalks, this bubble pocket will securely hold them.  Each “bubble” is sewn with a specific size tips in mind.  This pocket will hold tips sizes US 2-13 with a 10.5.  In addition to the “Bubble pocket,” there are 12 pockets for your systems cords or for your favorite fixed circulars.  As if this wasn’t enough there is also a handy pocket at the top for your notions.  To keep all of that together and neat, it also features an adjustable magnetic closure.