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Sheeple KnitPack Interchangeable

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A knitting needle case that makes sense for knitters. The   KnitPack Interchangeable’s     innovative design is the most   secure case on the market for your interchangeable circular knitting needles.

 The KnitPack Interchangeable stores and transports any interchangeable knitting needle system.

 It features a unique pocket with each section sewn to individual needle size to provide the most    secure needle tip storage available. The needle pocket holds needle tips size US 2 – US 13 with a US 10.5.

The back pocket is divided to provide a place to store your system’s cords and buttons. 

The notions pocket measures 10 X 5 and has a flap to secure all your valuables safely.  

The Interchangeable also feature the Erin.Lane adjustable magnetic closure to make sure that your tips and treasures stay put.

The KnitPack Interchangeable measures 10” X  5” closed.