Yarn Over and Back Again

$ 33.00


Here is a summary of the important details:

Cost of the Club -                              $30/month over 12 months

(You will see a charge every month, but you will receive packages every other month.  We have found that is easier on bookkeeping.)

What you get -      6 Project Kits from Holiday Yarns

                              (Each kit includes pattern and yarn)

                             6 Erin.Lane Project Bags

 Sign Up Deadline -         December 15, 2016

 Months of Project Delivery -     January, March, May, July, September, and November

Erin.Lane Bags is proud to be teaming up with Holiday Yarns to bring you a special year-long knitting trip through another beloved and cherished story.

Last year, you ventured with Erin.Lane into the wardrobe. This year, embark on an epic journey across the dangerous, beautiful, and tempting land called Middle-Earth. 

Stroll the hills of the Shire on your way to the peaceful waterfalls of Rivendell.  Visit the dwarves of the Lonely Mountain, Erebor, and feel the solid ground underfoot. 

Then away and off to the gleaming city of Minas Tirith before visiting the haunting and treacherous woods of Fangorn Forest. 

Finally, turn your gaze to the East and behold the wonder and terror of Mordor, the realm of Sauron and his Ringwraiths.

The club features six projects throughout the year, each one a reflection of one of Middle-Earth's most iconic locations.  
Tread the perilous realm with us, and take comfort, for hearth and home are only the next knitted project away.
Below is a list of the projected projects for the club.  
Shire - Scarf
Rivendell - Hat
Lonely Mountain - Socks
Minas Tirith - Fingerless mitts
Fangorn - Shawl
Mordor - Cowl